Hey guys,

I'm super excited about my book and I hope you all are looking forward to reading it. I've placed a preview of my book online, be sure to check it out: HERE!

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To purchase the book, visit here or get it on Amazon here. I've recently made it available on Kindle so enjoy here.

Thank you all for the support,
I have great news everyone. I finished my first book—well a couple of months ago—but I didn’t think my work was ready. After months and months of editing, I can finally say that it is ready for the public. I’m so proud of all the hard work, time and energy I’ve invested into this project. It’s been through the ‘proofing’ stage at least four times. I know it won’t be perfect but I tried my best to give you all my best.

To shed some light; this is a self-help book geared towards uplifting women. It was written not only for mature adults but for young women that need some guidance on how to achieve goals. My readers tell me time and time again that I am an inspiration so I pray that this book motivates you all to be all that you can be.

I had no idea that so much was involved in the publishing stages. I struggled to select a book cover but I believe that it symbolizes my purpose. I submitted my final edits and I’m waiting for it to be reviewed so that I can approve it.

I cannot believe that it’s almost here and I’m so nervous about the release. I’m excited and hope it will be well received. This blog is to announce the BIG day…the day the public has a chance to see what I’ve put months into. There won’t be a book release party but I do hope that you, my readers will support by purchasing the book and leaving reviews on my site and/or Amazon. The official release date for You Have What It Takes is, 5/25/2012.

On the release date, a preview of my book will be available on my “Screenplays/Books/Plays/TvSeries” page. I will also attach a link where you can purchase the book. I look forward to your reviews.