Ever since I started my website, I’ve received such warm thoughts from other writers: wishing me the best of luck, asking for advice, or seeking inspiration. It’s like I became a muse to my fellow writers. I participated in a book launch earlier this year and an idea hit me. If you all know me, you know I’m pretty stubborn. Sometimes the muse within has to knock me out with a steel pipe before really pay attention.

I did—eventually and started brainstorming my ideas. I sat on the concept some more and a few weeks prior to finishing the script; I decided that I was going to go through with it.

This book is an inspirational one—focused towards women of all walks of life: writers, singers, dancers, artists, women from the corporate world and so on. I pour out so much more of myself into this book. It will be therapeutic and motivational. I intend to be that voice of reasoning, or the “big sister” or confidant many women yearn for.

I am excited about this book because it focuses on two things I love most: helping others while using my writing to do so. I believe that it will be well received. I plan on completing it within the next few weeks.  Once things have been finalized, I will alert you all of the release dates and will post a sneak peak on my site.

Please, let the word out! If you notice the hashtag “#YouHaveWhatItTakes” (on Twitter), it’s my book’s title; I ask that you help promote.

Frequently, I’ll post “Self-help book-Updates” as I do with the “Notes from Nai’lah” so keep a look out.

Thanks for reading,