Reject by definition is to refuse to accept or consider. By definition to a writer that has spent countless time working on a manuscript, rejection is received as inadequacies or ineptness.

After months of researching and writing and writing and writing, writers finally edit and edit their work to perfection. Then they work on the dreary proposal letters expressing to an agent how wonderfully crafted and unique their manuscript is compared to a substantial number of manuscripts they receive daily. We can all say, “I don’t take rejection personally” but be realistic; we do!  We take it as a bash to our skill. “Maybe it’s not good enough.” We start questioning our talent then finally our path. One letter, one agent wrote make us question who we are. We’re writers—indefinable talent as we illustrate lyrically by placing readers in our minds. We’re phenomenal!

This started off as a blog on rejection but has become a tribute to my fellow writers. So what the agents you’re sending it to say no? Research a new list and send some more proposals out. If that doesn’t work then heck, self-publish and make it a best-seller. Agents aren’t the end-all be-all. We call the shots. Without us, they wouldn’t be working.

Writers I implore you to have faith if not in yourself, then in your writing. You’ve been blessed with a gift. Don’t give up the fight—perseverance and dedication will take you further along this journey than defeat will. As I speak to you I address inner conflicts with myself.

The thing that leaves me bewildered is that the writers fearful of rejection are the ones, most talented. 

Everyone isn’t going to like your writing style. It’s not you; it’s your style so stop taking it personally. Believe in your work and the time you’ve invested in your dream. Do not allow someone else, whether he/she is a writer, an agent or a friend/family member take away from you that you’ve been bestowed with.

Edit your manuscript some more, put it away then return to it again. When your time arrives, no writer, agent, or friend/family member can stand in your way. As hard as it may be, exercise patience but don’t stop writing. Work on the sequel, start another story/collection. You’re a writer, so write!

Don’t allow anyone to hinder you from the path you’ve been chosen.

Keep writing.



06/16/2011 04:28

i can defiantly relate

06/28/2011 13:47


Thanks for your comment.


07/06/2011 05:02

I really need to take more time here and less on twitter! I can also relate to this... feel like I need a big push then get thwarted by circumstance. Support you any way I can. Luv WritthFTH

07/09/2011 17:01


You are an amazing woman! Your words are so genuine and I feel the love via Twitter and your emails. It really is great to be surrounded with wonderful individuals like yourself. At times I feel as if I'm alone on this journey--as if no one understands how tough it is on aspiring writers. My husband, family, Twitter fam, fellow writers--you all comfort me with the love I need when I need it and it feels GOOD. I want to thank you so much for EVERYTHING!

I can relate to your comment. At times I allow my wifely/motherly duties to take over that I forget who I am as a woman. Not that I dismiss my goals but simply push them to the side to realize, OMG I missed another realize, OMG how can I publish, or get an agent if I don't write?! I don't fear rejection, I fear that sometimes I may allow the burdens of my journey to take precedence over the things that are important. All to return to the same solution given by ALL...Write, write, write. So I'm writing! On the days I'm down; I'm writing. On the days my spirits are at its peak; I'm writing. I will NOT allow my grief to pull me down. I will continue to write and rise above it all.

Thanks again,


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