Sometimes it seems as if I’m moving backwards instead of progressing forward. With each day, I face more tribulations. As I reflect on 2011, it’s as if my trials have multiplied while my triumphs were subtracted then divided into smaller pieces. Though I’m growing as an individual each day, I feel like my career, my life and my path continues to take me further into an abyss of incompletion.

I’m always yearning for better and brighter days. I’m always, dreaming. I exist only in what I would like things to be for me and my family. I work hard, sacrifice, struggle—willing to do what’s necessary to make my goals tangible. Intangibly, I’m grasping, reaching out when I clench my fist to see what I attain; it’s less than nothing in the palm of my hands. I’m always left with the dreams, my dreams and hopes that things will get better.

One day at a time, it will happen.” Sometimes it’s harder to believe on the bad days especially. I will continue to strive, to dream, to be. I will continue to write and fight for what I hope to one day attain. My life—I’m reflecting on it and I hope that one day my prayers will be answered.

I’m a starving artist!


02/26/2012 02:39

the rhythm of your words have improved since i last visited your digital wonderland muse, i will continue to strive, to dream, to be.... i think like most writers, you sometimes fail to see the beauty in your own words... if i'm wrong, i'm sorry, the comment is supposed to be positive... hope youre well and preparing for the next little moose to enter this world we belong to...

03/11/2012 10:55

Hello. Glad to have you back. Thank you for the compliment. Yes, I agree that most writers don’t understand their worth. I normally don’t take time to stop and smell the roses; I’m always worrying about the next project. Sometimes it’s not until months later or it may be an interval when I’m down, I find myself reading different things I’ve wrote and thought, “wow!”
Thanks for reading and posting a comment.



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