When I started looking into ways to network, I was told to ‘get on Facebook!’ Well, I’ve done so and maybe I’m not using Facebook to its fullest capabilities. Or maybe I just don’t ‘get it.’ What’s the big deal? How is it such a great networking tool? Okay so you can create thought provoking questions or statements and people can converse about an issue—big deal! I do that on Twitter daily.

Maybe it’s about preference. I think that Facebook is more sociable as opposed to being beneficial. You can keep in touch with friends that you haven’t seen in years. Well, if I wanted to keep in touch with a specific person, wouldn’t I have their contact information? If I haven’t talked to you since we were in high school, then chances are I don’t want to talk to you now. Facebook is a remarkable tool if I was a stalker but as a writer, I just don’t get it.

When it comes to Twitter, I’m all over it. I get a chance to express thoughts, meet great writers and people from different walks of life; I think it’s amazing.

I’m curious about my readers’ input, how do you all feel about Facebook? Please share your thoughts; I’m eager to learn.


02/27/2012 02:19

I feel the same way. I'm so disillusioned by FB. I have so few followers on my business account that I hardly check it. On twitter I have about 3x that and it's way more interactive. In fact, I have my twitter messages going to my FB feed...which is funny if you think about it...and probably unnecessary. :) Even my LinkedIn account does more. I love FB to keep in touch with my 5 kids spread out over the country but other then that....

03/11/2012 10:58

Dee, hi there! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. OMG I totally agree with you. As stated in my blog, ‘I just don’t get it.’ I can understand where you’re coming from when you say you use it to stay in touch with your kids. I think that’s the purpose for FB. When people use networking and Facebook in the same sentence, it takes everything in me to NOT become irritated. To each his own—it just seems more social than anything.

08/01/2012 01:25

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10/14/2012 20:10

Hi there! I appreciate that you took the time to not only read but comment on my blog. I am grateful that you enjoyed this blog. Please, stay tuned as I am always working on a variety of pieces.

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