Hi everyone. Okay so we’re snowed-in in Maryland. It’s been snowing since yesterday evening and the meteorologist has predicted that we’re going to get a few more snow storms through Sunday.

Now, if I didn’t have to work in storm restoration activities, I couldn’t care less but unfortunately, my 9-5 pays my bills.  

I’ve been working on countless projects simultaneously but have been trying to close projects out! As a Writer, it is a pet peeve of mine to constantly edit my work. It will NEVER be perfect! Years from now, I can pick up a piece and see areas in which I could’ve improved. Even though I am fully aware of this; I find myself being lured in to Edit, Edit, Edit!  
  • Writer’s Workshop proposal

    • Material

    • Promotional Letter

  • Self-help book #2 (I won’t reveal the title just yet)

    • Marketing strategy

  • TV series

    • Editing again. (Now, this project isn’t where I want it to be. Until I feel confident, I’m going to continue working on it)

  • Tomorrow May be Too Late (I’m editing this one LAST time prior to submitting it to the Nichol Fellowship.) Wish me luck.

I know what you’re saying, wow those are big projects! They are and it is very difficult (at times) trying to juggle it all. When I say that I’m working on these projects simultaneously, it doesn’t mean that I’m literally working on them all at the same time. That would be INSANE! I believe that as a Writer, we have to wear the hat of Editor, Critic and Reader. When you are too close to your work, you cannot separate yourself from your words enough to critique the way that you should. So in effort to conform to my different roles, I take some ‘time off’ one project. Instead of being unproductive, I indulge into another project. I do this so I can have a variety of projects completed. That’s my ultimate goal.  

Now, some of these projects—have been open for quite some time now. I’m afraid to set it free because it’s not adhering to my expectations. Sometimes you have to let things GO! As much as I want to keep editing with a fine tooth comb, I will never progress and move onto other projects because I’m holding onto the old ones.

I recently completed a class on project management. (Any information I learn find ways to apply it to my Writing.) Even though I plan on blogging about my experience, I want to mention one critical thought. What is the definition of a project?  


 According to Franklin Covey, a project is a temporary endeavor that has a beginning and an end. Let that sink in for a minute. 


Okay. How many projects do you have that are ongoing? Even though you’ve set deadlines, because of my commitments at work and home; we don’t always have time to work on our personal projects like we should. Constantly, our deadlines are pushed back, further and further.

Now, based on the information that I’ve learned yesterday; there are going to be some major changes. Simultaneous projects…will be a thing of the past! I will focus my energy on one project at a time (and I’m cringing as I say this). When I have to take a step back, I will conform to my deadlines and if I need to come back in the future; I will do so.  

There’s no way I’m going to ever let these projects stand-alone so I have to trust in my hard work and let the projects live! This is a COLOSSAL risk for me!!! From time to time I will be tempted to revisit and revamp but no one wants ongoing projects! Writers want finished products that they can promote.  

This is going to be such a difficult task for me to accomplish. It sounds so simple but it’s really difficult for me. Am I alone? Are there other Writers that struggle with the same grief? Share your thoughts. I’d love to hear…  

To those who may not know me personally; I’ve always been a natural. My hair was straightened with chemicals twice as a child. I never needed it but during that time, my guardians thought I did. When I was growing up, I never had someone teach me about hair care so I did what was easiest. I rocked buns every day my entire life! I do not remember a time when I was under 17 years old that I wore my hair down. Actually, it was braided before but to wear my curls out? Never! Isn’t that sad?

When I went to school, my classmates would have their perfect hairstylist done hair. They’d come to school with a new look every other week. Me: I was living that ‘bun’ life. They would always complement me on the texture of my hair. They’d tell me how pretty it was and how they wish they had it. They’d go into stories about what they would have done if they had my hair. All the while, I would look at them like they were crazy! I hated my hair!! It was just so thick and bushy. It never did what I wanted it to do; it merely existed on top of my head.  

I remember when I thought it was okay to brush the outside of my hair and worry about the roots later. I’d never comb it out because it was just too much work. My hair tangles easily—it’s very curly and fine. By the time the weekend got around, I would have big knots in my hair. When I washed it that Saturday, my scalp would be so red and sore from me pulling on it. I used to comb it out dry.
Yes, I did not know any better. I was learning as I went along. After pulling out clumps of my hair, I started realizing that my hair was more manageable when wet. I started combing it out in the shower. Still, there would be a lot of damage because I ONLY did this once a week. This ‘strategy’ went on for years!!!! Even into adulthood. Now, as I got older I did start wearing my hair out—got it done here or there but I didn’t have patience for the beauty shops. I still don’t! Whenever I go, I just want to get in and get out. But that’s virtually impossible when you have all the hair that I do. Still, when people complimented me on the texture of my hair; I looked at them like they were crazy. I didn’t want my hair. I thought I was cursed!
It wasn’t until recently that a close friend of mine who had not been a natural, started telling me about the damage about straightened. As she was on her natural journey, she would share the knowledge that she learned. You’d think she was the spokesman for natural hair! LOL. (Love her to pieces. Thank you Tice)
Anyway, the more she learned, the more she shared. She’d show me videos, products, stories of other women on this natural hair journey. My curiosity had been piqued. Now, I am not half as well-versed on natural hair as she is. She visits YouTube and tries different hair styles—I’m more conformed. It takes a lot for me to step outside of my norm. She tries so many different styles and natural hair really suits her! I’m still working on getting there but that’s a personal issue. It’s merely a matter of me trying different things and stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I soon realized that the natural hair was a movement that was occurring and even though I didn’t do the “big chop” because I didn’t have to; I was on a natural hair journey myself. I was becoming a part of the natural hair community. I saw other women with hair like mine and soon realized that they’d been in my shoes. I started trying different products and found different things that worked for me. There are so many products that are available for naturals. 

Now, I love my hair. I LOVE MY HAIR! I love my poof! I look whatever form it takes. I’ve worn my hair in a bun, ONCE in about year. I have finally embraced my curly, tangled, big hair! 

Even my make-up—some of my friends say, you’re too pretty to wear all that make-up. At one point in my life, I hated what I looked like. Growing up, I hated my thick, pouty lips and my boobs—they were so colossal; they just stood out! I despised them!!! I didn’t care about the way I looked. I would just throw anything on and go to work or to the store. It didn’t matter what others thought of me because I didn’t think much of myself to begin with. 

My sister is a Make-up artist and she would talk about make-up non-stop. There’s no way I could’ve done the looks she showed me. As with my hair, I wanted to start accepting my flaws. Soon I realized that my “flaws” is what makes me unique. My big eyes, lips, boobs, long legs and big hair is what makes me…Me. So why hide from it when I should be embracing it?!

PictureEmbracing the beauty from within.
What I learned about being natural is that it doesn’t matter how others perceive you; if you don’t cherish yourself then you won’t see your worth. I started changing my perception from the outside. I started taking pride in my hair and the way I presented myself. I would take time every morning to do my hair or set it the night before, I’d get up an extra twenty minutes to do my make-up….Even though I still felt the same way on the inside, I didn’t show it on the outside. Soon enough, what I saw on the outside became the way I felt on the inside. I started loving me and all my ‘uniqueness’.   

I’m sharing my story because if I wasn’t cognizant of all the other women who have similar stories then I wouldn’t be in the mindset that I am today. I’m sharing my story with others in hope that it helps them on their journey. This blog started discussing the ‘natural hair’ but it’s truly about accepting who I saw in the mirror. With or without make up, big hair, straight/flat ironed hair; I am beautiful! I don’t need affirmation by anyone to love me, anymore! I love my exterior and each day I work on the interior. Striving to be the best me; it’s all I can do.

What’s your story? Feel free to share—I’d love to learn more about my readers. Everyone has a story.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Today, Dr. Martin Luther’s King’s birthday is just another holiday to some. To many others, like myself, it is a day to stop and commemorate a great man and one of many who’ve fought for freedom, justice and equality for all.

It is truly sad that after all the movements to abolish racism; it still exists. In corporate America, there’s still that “good ole’ boy mentality.” Even though opportunities may exist for us, we have to compete with the white supremacists who try hard to keep us at the bottom. There are many that climb that corporate ladder and do all in their power to uplift/help one another but there are those who forget where they came from.  Yes, we—little black girls and little black boys can have dreams for ourselves but there’s an imaginable barrier called racism that deter us from getting there. It is not impossible and I am reminded by that daily when I see President Obama. I may not agree with everything being done but I trust that a black man can do an equal job or an even better one than his white peers that preceded him.

I know that anything is attainable and that I cannot let racism shackle me. I am a black woman and I am proud. I choose to derail from the crabs in the barrel mentality because my forefathers before me carried others and though the resistance is stronger when you’re trying to carry a heavier load, I cannot act alone.

We need to return to the days of black pride. Uplifting rather than putting one another down. We need to stop acting like brutes: killing each other off and living our lives at the bottom of liquor bottles. We need to stop being content with just having enough. We have to want to be educated and want to be great. As black women, we need to stop sexualizing ourselves, and stop tearing one another down.  When you turn on the television, the reality shows depict us as classless; black queens fighting one another and stabbing each other behind the backs. We don’t have to go against each other to get ahead. Our forefathers taught us that.

My forefathers taught me that the road to success will not be easy and there will be obstacles along my journey, ones that I may never truly understand. I learned that I have to work twice as hard and if not harder alongside my white peers but I will not let these shackles conquer me. I’ve been asked “why do you work so hard?” It’s simple, I have to! I know what I want and I will do all in my power to achieve it.

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King! You were an amazing man and though your body has left the earth, your teachings remain with us, today. Your memory will continue to live with and through us.

"Before I do anything...I review my reminders...via iCloud..."


I’ve admitted this a million times already: I’m my biggest critic. While I believe that I could be doing much, much more; others commend me on all that I do. Instead of seeing the items I’m checking off my list, I focus on the things that weren’t completed or commenced. I’m not alone. I know that as a mom, I wear different hats; in addition to being everything I can be for my kids there are other roles I must fulfill; wife, sibling, daughter, friend and most importantly, Writer. Unfortunately for me, my writing though placed on a pedestal; often times get pushed to the back burner because, well, there’s only so much a girl can do.

Often times, I work fifty, sixty or even seventy hours a week. A couple of months ago, I worked EIGHTY hours in a week, and STILL went home and took care of business. This isn’t an opportunity to brag. TRUST me when I say that by the end of the day; I am totally burned out!! As much as I’d love to sleep in, or work less…it’s just not an option. I have to get up and get! I have to create opportunities for myself. I’m not going to come across them by lying around or sitting on my behind.

When it comes to my life, as chaotic as it is; I prioritize everything that I do. Now, I do have to share some PERSONAL TRUTH as I discuss time management. I struggle with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)—things have to be a certain way or else I cannot function and that statement encompasses everything and anything that you can assume. LOL. The details of that statement will be for another day.

Before I delve into any work, my “work space” has to be clean. If things aren’t where they should be, I cannot think. A chaotic house reflects a chaotic mind. Therefore in effort to channel my thoughts and energy, I take the necessary time to tidy my area as best as I can. This is often a problem because I have young children. To those with kids, I know you understand. Now, once the kids have had ample mommy time, dinner, bath and homework are completed, and they’re tucked away, I have to dismount my ‘Mommy horse’ and put the Writer hat on. 

Before I do anything, I sit at my desk and enjoy the silence for a few minutes. It’s just a way to allow my thoughts to settle before I change gears. Next, I review my reminders/task list via iCloud on my phone or laptop.

If you’re going to take a road trip, you don’t hop in your car and drive off. You start the car, and while it’s warming up, you Google the directions, and skim the route. My writing, is a journey. In effort to know where you’re going, you have to follow your road map. If you don’t have a destination, then you’re not going anywhere; you’re merely wandering aimlessly. I have daily, weekly and monthly goals, and I adjust them appropriately…like EVERY week (I have OCD so this is a BIG project at the end of the week…I digress). In order to get a hold of your schedule, you need to sort out your goals. I’m going to share 7 simple steps to getting controlling your mayhem. Now, before I get into this, these aren’t any special tricks, we all have overlooked these things because at times we think we can do it all.

1.       PRIORITIZE. The key to prioritizing is attacking your most important and most challenging task first! If the most important thing that you need to do is listed last then chances of you getting to it is slim to none. Things happen throughout the day so adjust your task list as life changes. If you have a major project due by close of business but an urgent matter comes up, then add this to your list. Obviously you cannot do everything so reschedule the other items for another day.

2.       READ TASK LIST. Do not start your day/office time by checking your emails/social accounts/texts. How can you know what tasks are before you if you’re not aware of what’s in stored? Before you begin “working”, take fifteen to twenty (undistracted) minutes to go over your tasks, adjust your list, etc.

3.       PLAN YOUR DISTRACTIONS. You will be interrupted. There will be fires to put out so add it to your schedule. When I’m at work, I list my distractions as “office tasks” when I’m at home, I list my distractions as “mommy, can you help?” This gives you a realistic view of your allotted time.

4.       MULTI-TASKING—NO, NO! I used to be big on multi-tasking but I realized that once cannot truly focus on a task when you’re doing more than one at a time. Your mind takes about 15 minutes to truly focus so continuously switching gears makes you anxious; this creates room for error. If you have young kids, either wait until they go to bed or preoccupy them with activities and let them know that you cannot be interrupted. This worked with my son for years…but my 1-year old hasn’t gotten the memo, yet. LOL.

5.       STRESS—eliminate it! Depending on my stress level, I find that music can either, help or hurt my concentration. You have to do what’s best for you. If I feel stressed/pressed for time; I’m rushing. This takes away my focus and I’m looking at the clock rather than completing my task. In effort to be as productive as possible; you need to be relaxed.

6.       TAKE FIVE—take necessary breaks. We’re not robots. No matter how much our kids think we have super powers; we don’t! (Shhh, I won’t tell if you won’t!) We need adequate rest and down time.

7.       TREAT YOURSELF. When you complete major projects and even minor ones, celebrate appropriately. **I’m working on this. I find that I celebrate my projects by creating new ones. HAHAH…don’t judge me; I’m in love with my art. The moment I’m finished with a task, I’m well ahead thinking of the next project to begin. I think it’s very important to take heed to the things you are accomplishing so you won’t feel like you’re a hamster running on a wheel i.e. going in circles.

So, I’ve shared my greatest tips to increase your productivity. I truly hope this helps. If you have other tips, please share and if possible, share your time management struggles. I’d be happy to hear how you’re trying to take control.

Thanks again for reading, 

Here's another piece I wrote for #DropALine that I wanted to share with my Blog readers. Hope you all enjoy!

Knocked down, toppled over, and lying flat.
Hopes broken, dreams are but a memory, vision obscured with the realities of today.
What is life if you’re not living?
What is life if you don’t have a moment to take a moment to ponder on all the great things you’re bestowed with?
True…you may not be as successful or as happy as you may prefer to be…
But shouldn’t you be content with what little that you do attain?
You should! There are others that have it worse than you.

Often you are too consumed in your own pain to live for today so how can one expect you to live for tomorrow?
Well, you have to be strong enough to believe that better is on its way.
You have to be strong enough to know that God is working on something better for you.
You have to be faithful in his word and trust that these struggles are only for a time.

Sometimes you have to take things one step at a time.
If you can’t find it within you to live for tomorrow, find a reason to live for today.
Look around at all the great things he showers us with daily?
Health, a home, a family, a job…even if it isn’t a career…
…he gives us Life so why not be grateful for it?
Why not make the best use of it?
Live for today and pray that he blesses you to see tomorrow.
Live! Because so many don’t wake up to see the next day…
Live because he blessed you with life for one more day…
Hope that he continues to bless you with it and make the best of those days
Because those are few…
Live, because doing otherwise isn’t living.

Oh my goodness. I can’t remember the last time I blogged. This new job has been consuming all of my time. Then again, I’ve been extensively ill for a couple of weeks so it’s been a little difficult trying to bounce back. There’s been a magnitude of distance that has grown between me, my
writing, family and friends (not in any specific order). My head is diluted with the stresses of life. As I make my way through the fog of my chaos, I try to tweet here and there, reply to texts and emails but not to the extent in which I was once indulged. I don’t feel as if I’ve so much fallen out of touch; I have been disconnected from my psyche. My actions though far from mundane have become routine. I merely do what I’m expected, react the way I should, say as what I deem to be
  adherent to social etiquette. Am I going through a change? Most definitely. What, why…answers I’m not willing to share…


 A few months ago…well a year and a half ago; I was focused on my writing, my family and nothing more. I would work non-stop at my 9
to 5 then I’d work at home on my writing, sometimes until sunrise. From mommy duties, to being a good friend, companion, confidant, advisor…I’m not saying I grew tired of the roles I played; things have happened lately where I was forced to see the effect of how unhealthy being everything to everyone has gotten. I’m not secluding myself from society. I am looking at myself from the outside looking in. I’m watching the dissolution of the mayhem of what I created. I am very passionate. When I love; I am loyal and devoted…I give until it hurts! Unfortunately, I started seeing how I was hurting myself. Not everyone deserved my love, adoration, attention, friendship, sisterhood. Not
everyone deserved the way I gave to them. I’d take the burdens of others, pack it onto mine and carry it with a smile on my face though the inside was hurting.  I’d pretend to be happy, though the inside was screaming for help. I’d let others unload their worries to me but when the tables were turned, my problems were just that; my problems. I can’t be everything to everyone and I refuse to continue spreading myself thinly because I will crumble from the imbalance.

I’m not lost. I’m not unfocused. I know where I’m heading; I know what I have to do. My purpose is not to be perplex, or so profound that my words sound like mere conundrums. My only reservation is knowing how to put those things in the order in which they should be.

To you my readers, friends, and family that continue to be my rock; I thank you all for understanding my plight. I am on a journey and right now, your support is giving me the space I need. Don’t lose faith in me. I will be what I am destined to be.

I am greatness…in the making.
Hey all,

As I work on book number two, I wanted to make sure that you all were aware that the second edition of “You Have What it Takes” is available, now! I ask that you please continue to support me the way you have. If you have a moment, I ask that you leave a comment on Amazon’s website.

Thanks again,
I wrote this piece for #DropAline but I enjoyed my word play so much, I wanted to share with my Blog Readers.

Your scent sends chills down my spine
and cripples me from seeing beyond the obvious.
My 20/20 vision is blurred by your ‘I love you’s’,...
and your ‘I can’t do without you’.
Your touch invigorates climaxes as the climates
of my body temperature ignites.

Your voice burns echoes throughout my thoughts
And I can’t concentrate when you’re around.
Bitter sweet on my lips, the cosmic energy spirals
passionate aversions of mixed signals.
Love you, hate you…can do without you…
But on the other hand I feel I need you.

Merely expected to accept your ignorance
to my deepest dreams.
You’re blind to my existence.
I’m bound by my love.
Hey All,
I’ve been a little reluctant to share this but I’ve gotten over it. I was working on a Relationship column with an Editor in London for a stint in my writing career. To adhere to their regulations, I am unable to list the magazine. 
Here’s a blog that I wrote… The writing style is different. It was a bit challenging to step outside of my comfort zone but it was worth it. I decided to list it under #AskNailah since that category is mainly focused on relationship questions.
Let me know your thoughts.

Office Seduction

The inevitable is bound to occur when chemistry is mystically 
overflowing. Company procedures are sometimes made to be broken. One mainly, office fraternizing; whoever created such an atrocious and inexplicable rule had to have been a forty something year old virgin still living at home in his mother’s basement.

 Jiselle sat apathetically in the conference room as budgetary concerns were dryly discussed. It was like watching paint dry. Her thoughts were redirected from business to pleasure as a muscular man, skin dipped in caramel, deep dimples and succulent lips, with a hint of debonair quietly snuck in through the side door and sat next to her. Something about him was intriguing—maybe it was his smile, or maybe it was the “Acqua Di Gio” that permeated through his shirt to his pores.

What merely took ten minutes, felt like hours as he sat inches away; her curiosity was peaked when he said her name as she walked away. “This man is fine!” Seductively succumbing to his overpowering virility, she
found herself appeasing to his every need.

Ladies, critical mistake, “Never become the prey in a lion’s den!” There’s one thing about office politics that you should take heed to, this is a man’s world. There’s a difference in being dominating and being powerful. Men are attracted to strong women but let him chase you. Give enough but never too much.

Maybe it was a mixture of the cologne with his pheromones that lured her into his seductive eyes. Maintaining her composure and trying not to react the way her bodily fluids did, she assisted him as best as she could. He was the new guy and she had to show him the ropes. While reaching for some office supplies on the top shelf, her nervous hands knocked items off the shelf. He quickly came to her rescue, his body bounced into hers, breaths intertwined and escaped into naked air. She looked at him; he looked at her. The sexual tension was evident.

Jiselle’s naïve seduction is remarkable, here. Subtly is key—find elusive ways for him to touch you. Her anxiety elucidated that there was a spark between them. Ladies, okay I know what you’re saying; he’s not going to know. Yes, I know…men are dumb and you often have to hit them over the head with a cricket bat before they realize that you’re interested. Let’s take this one step at a time.

Quickly escaping the awkwardness like a thief at a crime scene, she fled to her desk. They’d longingly gaze at each other in passing along the hallways and the gratification of what she imagined it to be. Days later, the emails poured in; she couldn’t resist.

Naughty girl! As enticing and thrilling as the experience may appear to be, the key here is to quench satiety but not to lose your job in entirety. Men have a one track mind so don’t count on them to always do the right thing; always be smart.

Weeks later, they were texting. Steadily increasing the passion, the lust was mountainous. Logistically, strategizing ways to run into him; they devised an unsuspecting plan that would give them twenty conspicuous minutes. There was a room that no one had access to but her; she came from one direction, he left his desk with a notepad and pen and came from another. He opened the door, and there she stood, eager, yearning, and ready to take the risk of all risks.

Whoa! Warning! Warning! Have him take you out to lunch somewhere
with a motel that’s in close proximity. Have him in the bathroom of the
restaurant for crying out loud but never attempt to assuage your urges at the workplace.

Quietly, he shut the door; her impulses took control as she grabbed his face while his hands caressed her soft body. As their bodies met, it was a cosmic explosion of ecstasy. Their kiss was endearing and invigorating; they wanted more but as her hands made their way to his pants buckle, she heard echoes of footsteps on the outside. The door swung open and
they—well into plan B—were illustrating the changes that she needed him to make on the design of the old supply closet.

The idea of being caught may have intensified this steamy moment, however this could only lead to rumors and coworkers being more vigilant of you two. While at the workplace, keep things professional so as to be undetected. Have your way with him of course but I guarantee you that the lust will last for as long as you desire if discretion is key.





Destiny is knowing your path and staying on it
-Nai'lah Carter

It’s been too long since I’ve posted a blog. Things have been stressful, and chaotic in my life. As of lately, the calamities are somewhat settling. 
Even though writing has been done in minimal capacity over the past few months, I have been thinking. I said a year ago that I would be able to quit my full-time job and be able to live off my residuals as a full-time Writer. During this time, there’s been a grandeur of changes that have rearranged my perspective. 
I was recently promoted over the summer and I’m working in a group where my expertise is valued. This is the first time in all my life that I could truly say that I love what I’m doing. I thought I would only
feel that way about my writing but I’m so happy when it comes to that aspect of my life. I no longer see my 9 to 5 as a job but as a career. I am testimony that hard work pays off!

Even though I’m very vague in indulging into conversations about my personal life; I can say that things took some HUGE twists and turns! I’m still trying to sort things out so bear with me if mentally I’m still…not there. 
During a random conversation with a very dear friend last week, I found myself brainstorming ideas.

When it comes to this writing, you guys know I’m not conceited but I do know that I am A BEAST! There’s nothing I can’t write nor is there anything I’m not willing to sacrifice when it comes to my gift. The sky is the limit!

However, I am my biggest critic so I find that I criticize myself a lot—I am pursuing to develop ways to critique rather than criticize. It’s definitely a journey but God makes no mistakes. For the last 7 years, I’ve been trying to leave the company that I work for. I felt undervalued and unappreciated. Little did I realize that He was preparing me for the position I’m in today. I utilize the skills I learn in my position today, to strengthen the woman I am going to be. I find that I apply the knowledge I acquire from my leaders, not to the position per se but to the place where I am currently heading. 
By day, I am doing something I love but it is not my ultimate dream job. My dream job is to be a world renowned Writer. Everything that is occurring now, is strengthening me to do so. It’s easy to give up. It’s easy to become content but I want more! I want all that I deserve! I want all that my heart desires. 
Destiny is knowing your path and staying on it. I am truly happy with where I am, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I realize that God is working behind the scenes and I am willing to believe in and allow him to write the script of MY life!
The purpose for this blog is to inform you, my dedicated readers that I plan on stepping onto newer grounds. I’m going to start Vlogging—if you know me you can commiserate how terrified I am of public speaking.
I’m still doing some research and I’m practicing, practicing, practicing. I am super excited and I hope that you all continue to support me. You have all inspired me! I am humbly grateful for your dedication to my blog and my Writing World. 
 I won’t go into details about my new Campaign but I can tell you that it would be worth the wait. 

Stay tuned…